“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

The funniest thing on Instagram this week was the tweet repost that said “the wrong Amazon is burning” and “the wrong ice is melting”. After that, it got less funny. There was the guy who tried to say that the fires burning down 20% of the Earth’s oxygen-producers are fake news. He probably blames the vegans. Then the person who thinks the fires are actually good for the rainforest, like a controlled burn to clear dead brush and branches.
Conspiracy theories are fun, but in all seriousness, there seems to be some confusion over the true root of the fires. I’ve had a few people ask for my opinion, so here’s my best analysis:
Recently, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro passed a new environmental policy that revokes protections for rainforest preservation. In a matter of days, he disposed of three decades of environmental policy. The deforestation has increased exponentially, to the point that Norway and Germany have temporarily halted funding for projects in Brazil. France, who holds €381 billion in Mercosur stocks, may pull out of the EU-Mercosur Trade Agreement, a massive trade deal between the EU and Mercosur countries (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay) intended to improve worker and environmental conditions on exports.
As part of Bolsonaro’s campaign promise to improve the Brazilian economy, he plans to annihilate the world’s largest rainforest. Removing environmental restrictions is economically motivated. In addition to his new environmental policy, he encouraged farmers, ranchers, and loggers to utilize the Amazon resources and land. In fact, he actually planned some “fire days”, where ranchers could burn the rainforest together. Think of it as an ice breaker, the farmers get to know each other through arson, and they also help melt icebergs in the future.
Environmentalists say that during the dry season, farmers burn patches of land to expand grazing acreage for their cows. So far this year, 73,000 fires have been recorded. That’s an 83% increase from 2018. Bolsonaro is actually trying to blame leftist conservationist NGOs (non-governmental organizations), arguing that they want to demonize him. This is simply a red herring—a way to conceal his role in endorsing arson.
Back to “funny thing” number three, controlled burns are sometimes used to refresh soil and help forests regrow in certain, dry ecosystems (I’m still against it, let nature do its business, it’s made it this far without us). However justified, controlled burns are incomparable—these fires are a brutal act of fascistic arson. In a just world, the illegality of burning native lands, that house millions of indigenous people and produce 20% of the world’s oxygen, would be obvious. Additionally, the fires have released the equivalent to almost 230 megatons of carbon dioxide, which prevents heat from escaping the atmosphere, thus contributing to global warming.
Destruction caused by humans is usually just a transaction. Bolsonaro and his supporters with financial interest in the Amazon will not take responsibility for the obliteration of the Amazon. It is not in the nature of people who consider their personal gains to be more important than moral culpability (this was my Jane Austen moment, it just means that they are greedy and mean).
Some might argue that justice can’t be served for those without voices, but I’m pretty sure trees have been talking wayyyyy longer than us (Ents, guys, Ents). Check out our Action Page for some things you can do to help #SavetheAmazon

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Welcome to Bold Utterances

“Our history has been stolen from us, and it was done intentionally, and purposefully. We are not taught our history.” Jeffrey Robinson, WhoWeAre

We are on the brink of a massive shift. As a society, we have the choice to take ten steps forward or twenty steps back. Gen Z can take the wheel and stop preserving centuries of hate and fear. We can’t rewrite history, but we don’t have to repeat it.
LET’S CREATE A RESOURCE – If information is more accessible and less boring, maybe we’re more likely to find understanding. I’m hoping that creating a by-teens-for-teens resource will help us educate each other, so that we might form a more unified, less soul-destroying society. Big dreams, right?
LET’S TAKE INITIATIVE – In the past, society has made it clear that it doesn’t value the opinions of youth. But that’s going to change. We won’t walk in circles around watered-down legislation while our country sinks into a sad puddle of fascism. We march out of school and we’re taking our place at the ballot box.
Some progressive politicians are starting to see the power of our generation. They see that we are ready to step up to the plate and grand slam the close-minded old white men back to the 1950s. It is time to move past the crazy notion that America needs to go back to some former glory. That door is closed, folks, it’s time to go forward.
More than ever, we need innovation; new ideas to tackle issues like climate change. Let’s equip ourselves with the resources to make change, because no one else is going to do it. Let’s show the world that we think critically and assess the consequences of our actions.
In a Greek myth, the unfortunate Titan, Atlas, was duped into holding up the sky by Hercules. Obviously, he was not armed with the necessary tools to avoid this predicament, and spent the rest of eternity trying to save Chicken Little (the weird chicken who got hit in the head with a piece of sky). Point is, time after time, knowledge poses as the antagonist. Whether it be within a Greek myth or a depressing political election, we need to have a broader understanding of important issues—most importantly that the sky is super heavy.
So, with the power invested in me by a Macbook, I’m starting Bold Utterances. Together, we can create a theoretically entertaining and hopefully not-condescending resource. By introducing and describing a variety of topics from our points of view, we can start engaging more youth in politics and social action and educate each other (and the adults). As Dumbledore says, “words are, in my not so humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury and remedying it.” Let’s inflict some injury! Just kidding. Peace to the world.